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I like to present myself as a Utopian architect, in a time when this term is considered, in the political sphere, as the worst insult possible. I never claim that I am an artist, since I do not believe that is it correct to term oneself practitioner of any form of art. Such a label can only be conferred to me, or denied, by public opinion. My commitment to preserving the environment dates back to the 1970’s. Freshly qualified in Fine Arts, the upheavals of May 68, the first oil crisis and underground movements all led me to think about alternative ways of operating, in line with the return to nature called for by hippies. It made me realise that we have forgotten, perhaps too hastily, that we are first and foremost biological beings, living on a planet which is itself alive. In line with this realisation, I began imagining new living spaces designed based on the study of vast ecosystems, such as coral reefs or primary forests. I also seek solutions for transport systems of tomorrow. These original representations of a sustainable future are supported by the work I do with biologists from the Biomimicry Europa association.


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Luc in a few dates

1944 January: born in Brussels.

1967 Architectural studies at Royal Fine Arts Academy in Brussels .

1976 Initial studies on archiborescence: Orejona self-sufficient ecological house.

1977 First tree-house project .

1980 First archiborescent city in “Carapaces” comic strip, in collaboration with François Schuiten .

1999 Publication of portfolio: Evolution of a street from 1850 to 2150.

2006 November: publication of the book “Archiborescence”.

2009 Exhibition at Royal Museum of Art and History at the Cinquantenaire in Brussels: lukewarm reception, very critical press reviews: “Scarcely credible mixture of comic strips, ecology, architecture and futuristic urban development …” .

2012 Plantation des premiers arbres d’une cité végétale à Arte Sella en Italie.

2015 Purchase of a plot of land for experiments with vegetal structures and initial plantations.

2018 Creation of first experimental archiborescent house for the architect and his family.

2031 Writing of L.S.’s memoires .

2035 Accidental death of L.S. during test flight of ornithoplane with flapping wings.

2040 Following multiple climatic and environmental catastrophes of year 2038, rediscovery of archiborescence and decision by United Nations organisation for the safeguard of the planet, to give priority to continuing the research carried out by L.S. not long ago .

2055 First archiborescent city: archaic model which performs very poorly, and will be abandoned five years later.

2062 Completion of first real archiborescent city, which is still functioning in Denmark.

2097 Inauguration of first woven city in Brussels on the site of a former car assembly.


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