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At the end of the 1960’s, underground movements launched the Free Press label for stamping the cartoons published in the protest press, and in this way the ideas borne on the winds of freedom could travel further afield. In his early twenties during this period, Luc Schuiten was struck by counter-culture power of expression in calling for a return to nature, and took this concept to heart. Since then, the “copyleft” label has published around a dozen copyright-free pictures on the theme of rethinking our society.

Download the copyleft pictures en hight definition:

Cigare_2éolienne érable05 La chuteL'argent ne ce mange pasL'argentLe Dieu essenceObsolescencePesticide
Cop 21 Copyleft




éolienne et nucléaire




Desins pour une cause 2


Dessin pour 1 cause 1


World wide views


Cop21 3