Genève 2100

The city, projected into a sustainable future has lost a lot of its tower blocks, made banal by the reductionist regulations of globalization.  Everywhere, new green buildings have appeared, forming a curving landscape.  Areas have been arranged to host spaces for creation, shows, training, games, jousts, sport, conversation, philosophic debates, meditation, contemplation etc.  The service sector is founded through the more efficient organization of work, based on computer networks and home-working.  Most of the office space in the quarter has therefore been reconverted for other uses.  Their structures conserved and adapted.  Vegetal constructions complete and transform the way the city looks, bringing living ecologic spaces to the front of buildings.  The Jet d’Eau fountain has become larger and remains an emblematic element of the city of Geneva.  Its height has more than doubled.  It is enriched by an undulating movement completed by two other jets, less high, animated by their own movements and a large variety of special effects, notably projecting 200m into the air.  Large balls of water splash into millions of small droplets.