The Aerium

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Flying in the air by beating wings is one of the oldest dreams of human beings. Since the beginning of time, lifting their eyes to the sky, humans have sought to copy the birds and overcome gravity to travel in complete freedom in the air. The ornithoplanes with beating wings, a sort of articulated air-ship, are made from membranes whose outer side captures solar energy and transforms it into electricity to power motors that beat the wings. The gracious flight and the compartmentalised inflatable structure make this form of transport safe and attractive. The aerium is a project born from the meeting between Luc Schuiten and Jean Pierre David, designer of the flying machine the aerofeather.  Moving in three dimensions, as birds and fish do, has become an option to us in that we can move around under a helium balloon in a vast closed space, protecting us from the wind. The project consists of allowing everyone to escape the constraints of gravity from time to time and fly with their own wings in a naturel environment.


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