The Tricyclopolitain

4.1 Tricyclo

The tricyclopolitain has been thought-up to meet a niche left vacant by the bicycle and the car.  It’s a vehicle powered by the driver and any passenger’s muscular force amplified by electric assistance.  The protective shell of the vehicle, in wood, is made following a concept by Luc Schuiten.  The mechanics are from a company in Strasbourg, Wheel’e, and the chassis, made in Karl Theiss’ workshop in Belgium.

4.3 Vue de trois quart 4.4 le tricyclo 4x Tricyclopolitain 3 1

Tricyclos 1-2-3

Tricyclo trois 1

Tricyclo trois 2

Tricyclo rosalie 1

Tricyclo rosalie 2

Triclos cargo 1

Tricyclo cargo 2