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At the same time as the Musée des Confluences in Lyon invited me to put on an exhibition of my work in La Sucrière contemporary arts centre, I was also entrusted with a task: to turn my mind to considering the future of this city, and more specifically Part-Dieu neighbourhood. To start with, I envisaged setting aside the ground level for traffic movement and consumer activities. The emphasis is on local, recovering an old shopping centre and turning it into a lively market for local produce, and also equipping it as a hub for exchanges, services, recycling, a training space for repairing machinery, and workshop spaces. At pavement level, we find free leisure, cultural and associative activities that are not directly utilitarian. It is a city centre space given over to life’s social, leisure and entertainment areas. It is redeveloped to connect with ground level by means of access ramps, making for a landscape of contours and curves. It is a space whose winding thoroughfares are ideal for strolling, socialising and creating. In the station, the heavy trains of the 20th century have been replaced with small railway wagons that can be connected in modular fashion, flexible and lightweight.