03_azWhen the city of Nantes invited him to attend the Utopiales in 2007, Luc Schuiten took the opportunity to show his work on archiborescence. This exhibition was publicised in the city by posters with various designs, including a 35m2 canvas sheet at the Congress Hall displaying a panoramic view of the city in 2100. The inhabitants of Nantes re-discovered their city, which had been transformed into a natural inhabited environment where the past and the technologies of the future could live side by side – a vision of totally new eco-systems placing humanity and nature at the centre of urban life. By taking the Utopiales outside the Congress Hall, the artist reminded the citizens of the need to look at their environment in a different way. Depicting the city in 2100 in this way gave the Utopiales an air of optimistic anticipation, rather than simply fantasising about the options for the future.