The first seed in 1977

double perspective

Here, the architect has begun by freeing himself from all constraints imposed by technology or by building materials. He has allowed himself to be carried away by the values of a dream, and takes the opportunity to explore them without any restrictions through his drawings. He even allows himself to get caught out by what his pencil creates and by the new flights of imagination which this inspires. This conceptual approach is proving to be very productive.

In order to give life to his aspirations (both spiritual and material), he has looked for reference points outside the formal discipline of the art class. Fascinated by the outline of a seven-pointed star formed by the complex interlacing of a single line passing this way and that around a centre and going back on itself, he has decided to use this heptagram as a master outline regulating all the drawings, sections and elevations. And this search has now led him to the idea that the outline formed by a house can help the development of the people who live in it.
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Première graine Bleu