Stras grand Pano 1

Desirous of preserving the beautiful harmony of inner-city Strasbourg, Luc Schuiten imagines very few changes to the historic centre, apart from the installation of a second tower for the cathedral. The biggest changes are in the areas reserved for residential tower blocks and social housing. One part of this will be demolished to create space for new architectures made of material coming directly from the living world. The conserved parts will be enveloped in new materials designed to interact in phase with the local bioclimatic environment. The well-exposed facades will be transformed into giant greenhouses, creating spaces of life and culture. The street-facing facades will be grafted with cultures and trellised shrubs, and veg-gardens in loggias for decoration and food. Their roofs will become roof-gardens, combining the functions of thermic insulation and increasing urban chlorophyll. Bridges will link hanging gardens.


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