The tree-house city

09_azThe tree-house city is developed in a remodelled forest environment adapted to the needs of a new way of life. The inhabitants are no longer consumers of nature but operators of a new ecosystem, the management of which allows each of them to prosper and guarantees the long-term sustainability and development of the city. The external walls forming the facades of the tree-house city are made up of a basic skin made of translucent or transparent proteins, inspired by the chitin of dragonflies’ wings. The nature of these flexible and resistant biotextiles differs, depending on their location. The floor slabs and the internal walls are created using known techniques involving earth which is stabilised using lime and reinforced by vegetal structures. These floors constitute the thermal mass required for storing calories and redistributing heat. The buildings’ natural ventilation is modelled on that of termite mounds. At night, the dwellings are illuminated by bioluminescence, imitating the procedure used by glow-worms or by certain types of fish from the depths of the ocean.