The woven city


08_bzThe habitats of this city are made up of a vegetal mesh produced by the roots of a strangler fig tree which has grown up around a host tree. This fig tree may grow so tall that high buildings can be built into it. The constitution of this tree, which is made from roots which are joined onto each new intersection, offers a stable and resistant structure for any building. The outer walls of the dwellings are made from biotextiles, comparable to the substances used for silkworms’ cocoons or spiders’ webs. These semi-transparent materials can also capture solar power to supply the energy required for heating and electricity. People move around within the city using footbridges which overhang the uncultivated plain, thus allowing the natural cycles to continue. The soil can be left loose, and the host trees can be irrigated and nourished by nutrients produced by the decomposition of organic waste.